Welcome to the web presence of andreas kadler • post-mining & brownfields consulting.

The founder of the company, born in and devoted to Saxony, experienced Brandenburger and passionate Berliner, grew up in Lusatia (Senftenberg) and studied in Central Germany (Leipzig).

After having worked in the fields of private economy and applied economic research, he has, for the past one and a half decades, been busy as a project manager in a number of economy consultancy and management consultancy projects especially concerning the redevelopment and reutilization of shut-down lignite surface mines in Eastern Germany. He is also experienced in the revitalization of former lignite refinement sites and former industrial and agricultural sites.

A small efficient team, which came together in the new company, has been dealing with this “special” real estate for more than ten years. In alliance with competitors of many years’ standing and side by side with reliable partners, the knowledge and experience which was gained in the past will now be extended and passed on through andreas kadler • post-mining & brownfields consulting.

The company’s place of business is located at Wollankstraße 131a.
In 1882, the building was errected as a residential building in the village of Pankow, which was then situated outside of Berlin.
With its villa-like characteristics, this building reveals the affluence of its owners. The building is typical of the Gründerzeit, the period of the last third of the 19th century when many industrial firms were established in Germany. In the mid-1990s the building, which today serves as an office block, was renovated carefully.

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