In our team, whose strength is the creative solution of extraordinary tasks in real estate management, experienced and young consultants of different professions have been working together for a long time. Our expertise in the real estate business forms the basis of our results-oriented work. With our work we are, however, also open to new and unusual ideas. Our methods of resolution correspond with the individuality of our customers and the set tasks.

The centre of our attention is change – in the real estate business as well. With the structural change in society and economy the real estate-economical processes change as well. We help to manage this change successfully by optimizing processes, evaluating locations and discovering, unfolding and exhibiting potentials.

Throughout the years, our unusual tasks brought about knowledge and experience which are not common in traditional real estate management. This knowledge and experience are useful for the solution of tasks in the real estate business in areas and fields which are confronted with considerable structural changes.
While water is dangerous for every open-cast mine in times of active mining, it is not only essential for the recovering nature of post-mining landscapes but it also serves as hope for the people. Usually, the coal mines are turned into new artificial lakes which offer numerous possibilities of usage.
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