On the basis of methods which have been well-tried in many projects, our team offers competent and realistic consultation. We
incorporate real estate with all important location, equipment and operation characteristics using modern technology to record, process and analyse area-applied data in geo-information systems,
  develop meaningful and realistic database-supported models for the structuring and evaluation of the real estate stock, following customary standards,
  analyse, evaluate and categorize real estate portfolio of companies and authorities and produce rankings even for uncustomary real estate,
  identify marketable real estate, analyse their potential according to common and specific methods and suggest measures for their development,
  examine and evaluate processes concerning the real estate business, find weaknesses and suggest ways and measures to rearrange and optimize the organization of processes and structure,
  refine market-relevant real estate potentials and form the foundation of active marketing with analog and digital means,
  present real estate in traditional and modern ways and media, in cooperation with advertising agencies.
Massive technology does not only leave its mark on lignite surface mining and on the refinement of lignite, but also on the development of safe post-mining landscapes. Often, machinery which was once used to dig up and circulate the ground and to produce the coal, is now being used again. It therefore makes an important, although late contribution to the rehabilitation of the wasted environment.
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