andreas kadler • post-mining & brownfields consulting offers consultancy services concerning special tasks of real estate management especially in the fields of subsequent use, development and marketing of industrial sites and regions of lignite surface mining and other open-cast mining companies. The focus is on the change of use of certain areas, the profiling and the selling of real estate left behind after mines were closed.

The core of the consulting services we offer are services in planning and in real estate economics. These services are needed parallel to mining redevelopment and reutilization of former mining areas and bordering pieces of real estate. The range of services offered also includes services for the change of use and the economic revitalization of commercial-industrial and infrastructural fallow land, so-called brownfields.

The services we offer therefore cover a wide range of tasks which include the identification, analysis and rating as well as the presentation of real estate potentials. They furthermore include consultation concerning the management, development and selling of this special real estate and the optimization of real estate economical processes.
After the termination of mining, the flattened banks of the developing lake hit the rising ground water. The emerging contrast shows an inhospitable and almost unreal, yet spectacular landscape which can hardly give us an idea of the final state of the area after redevelopment and reutilization.
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