In the past couple of years we were working on the following topics and projects, amongst others:
Consultation and support of the management of companies with a large stock of real estate in organizing real estate-economical processes and the marketing of real estate,
  development of concepts of utilization and of profiles for post-mining landscapes,
  establishment of foundations for the marketing of areas which have a higher value and of ecologially valuable areas in the post-mining regions of Eastern Germany; organization of brochures, catalogues, memorandums and web sites on real estate marketing,
  organization of a series of brochures on “Post-Mining Landscapes – Changes and Prospects” in the mining areas of Lusatia and Central Germany,
  reconstruction oft he spatial and temporal development of winning in the surface mines oft he East German lignite mining,
  digitalisation of data on the pre- and post-mining usage of areas in the lignite regions in the mining areas of Lusatia and Central Germany,
  monitoring of the categorization of former nationally-owned agricultural and forestry sites in Eastern Germany, of buildings and structural areas and of pilot projects on the marketing of locations,
  production of reports on the change of use and revitalization of industrial sites of lignite mining in Lusatia and Central Germany,
The residues of mining are not without danger. The loosely heaped and uncompressed tips are prone to liquefication or demolition under the influence of water. Areas of several hundred square metres can start to move and become not only dangerous for the people but also destroy already redeveloped areas.
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